PROJECT GBG – Four Trak Raw Demo 7″EP


raw punk / d-beat

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Project GBG’s deafening first demo was originally released in 2018, but New Mexico label Blown Out Media has recently re-released the band’s barreling tracks on 7” (which is the perfect format for this audio muck). Project GBG features members from much-loved noise-makers like Absolut, Last Agony, and Nuclear Power Genocide, and you can expect skronked-out / migraine-inducing noise inspired by unhinged Scandi punks aplenty (see Svart Parad, Shitlickers, Bombanfall, etc.) Project GBG’s 4 Trak Raw Demo only features four primitive tracks, but it’s the quality, not quantity of heavyweight filth and fury that counts. HIGHLY recommended for trve raw punk fans.
-In Crust We Trust, Volume 6

From members of Absolut, Mueco, Last Agony, SNARA, Ultrarat, and Nuclear Power Genocide
Recorded and mixed in Montreal by MG in May 2018
Vocals recorded in Toronto by RC in May 2018
Mastered for vinyl by Jonas Sjolin at Blakklodge Studio in February 2019

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