PR 052 Crow / See You In Hell split EP


850 pressed
black vinyl
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Japanese Crow has been going for some time now and I know I’m not the only one to think so when I claim that their later releases, from the Bloody Tear” LP and forward has held their very best material. Other than the characteristic vocals of Crow that’s an instantly giveaway, the band has become synonymous with sharp metallic riffs, a thundering bass, and rumbling drums – making for a raw and brutal delivery that brings both the noise and the crust bands of Japan to mind as Crow are incorporating both styles in their sound. There aren’t too many bands that manage to make primal brutality sound as damn catchy as this lot does. Really powerful, a flawless execution, and truly excellent if you ask me.
Even though it was a good record no doubt, I wasn’t equally impressed with the last LP “Utok!” from See You In Hell as I was with the “Umet se Prodat” LP. I think mainly the sound had something to do with this, as there weren’t anything wrong with the song writing. As I listen to the two offerings on this split I can establish two things – the sound is great, and the songs are great! Raging and, somewhat Nippon-influenced, hard as hell Czech hardcore – again placing See You In Hell high up on the list over the best European bands at the moment, right where they’ve previously proven that they belong. A furious tempo, a crushing rhythm section, speedy riffs and rampant leads that pierce through the raw and compact sound – topped off with intense vocal efforts. On a See You In Hell record you can always expect a high level of intensity, but also always great memorable and varied song writing throughout – this is no exception.
I’m the first to admit that Japan harbours a huge number of awesome bands, but so does the Czech Republic – so if you buy this 7″ for Crow alone that’s fine, but don’t be so narrow minded that you don’t give See You In Hell some attention as you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice in doing so.
For those of you that, like me, still prefer real records over downloads it’s a pleasure to inform that this comes packed in a really good looking fold-out styled sleeve with great artwork. [Krogh – June 24, 2009]

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