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This is the first of two recently released split 7s featuring Jonestown on Phobia Records, and on this one they bring two tracks to the table. From the very get go they make it clear what they’re all about – loud and distorted käng delivered in brute force. None of the two tracks are breaking any barriers and probably won’t go down as the most memorable tracks in history, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good – and the guitars are laying down a couple of cool leads and riffs to help push this further upwards from the average-territory. Not spectacular, but solid enough to spend some time with.
Kohoutek delivers five somewhat varied assaults with influences that range from grind to thrash metal, but they all have one thing in common and that’s the relentlessness they all possess. The first track delivers a steady rhythm and also offers some almost NWOBHM-styled leads, while they on the second track opens up with a grinding explosion, and later slows down for some thundering doom. This is recurring throughout the remaining tracks as well – doom rhythms, thrashy riffs, sharp leads, grinding insanity… they’re quite insane this bunch. It’s raw, varied, and “catchy” enough for me to enjoy it quite a lot. [Krogh – July 7, 2009]

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