PR 044 WARVICTIMS – Bellum Se Ipsum Alet EP


450 pressed
400 black vinyls
50 red, red / brown, brown vinyls – mix
in cooperation with other labels

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Warvictims certainly don’t fuck around when it comes to producinghardcore, they release record after record and with this in mind it’squite amazing that they maintain such a high level of quality as theydo. On here we get four new tracks, not straying one bit from the paththey’ve tread on their previous outputs – devastating mid-tempo d-beat.This 7 start out with an almost doomy and metal sounding intro beforethey lash into it and start the rumble. The lyrics are as usual dealingwith the atrocities of war.
Not much has changed from their lastrelease and probably won’t with their next, but if I were looking fornovelty hardcore Warvictims wouldn’t be the band to turn to even if they had developed their sound more between releases. [Krogh – November 28,2008]”

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