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525 pressed
black vinyl
in cooperation with other labels

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First band out is Harsh. They sometimes play hellishly slow and doomy, but most of the time rapid grinding noisecore madness. These 8 tracks were recorded over two years ago and I’m not sure Finnish Harsh is around anymore. And to be honest I can’t say I’m too sad if that’s the fact. Harsh don’t really appeal to me, I wan’t something to make it more special. Right now it just is, and if I can’t even bother to actively listen through one side of a 45 rpm 7 I can’t say I like it. On the flipside we find Control Mechanism, also from Finland, who are similar in their short outbursts of noisy grind. 8 tracks here too, recorded between 99 and 02, none of them with really good quality. Neither in sound, nor in songwriting. Once again I’m missing that little extra to make it stand out.
I might be too picky, so if noisecore, grind, power violence etc. with focus on extremity and brutality I guess you can disregard my comments. [Krogh]

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