NUKKETEATERRI – Tervetuloa Helvettiin… EP


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I’m in a finnish mood. Maybe it’s all the sauna I’m doing after the work out at my job. Or maybe it’s the wish for drunken punx with mohawks redesigning my flat to look like a dumpster? Studs on the floor, broken bottles in the kitchen, crusty hair in the sink, leather jackets (with Discharge and Conflict written on the back) serving as wallpapers. Anyway, Nukketeatteri released one(?) 7inch that I also decided to keep among the finnish stuff post 1982. Especially for the first song Lopettakka!!!. Whatever that means it’s a fantastic song with nasty production. The treble is set to the max.

En halu tehda itsermurhaa is forgettable but the other tracks are pretty great too. When ordering this from Welmu(vocals) he sent me three Nukketeatteri leaflets that would be really fun to know what they say. Perkelle sataana.


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