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black vinyl 400 pressed
special silver jacket

Attitude. Such a misused word, with too many posers turning it into a farce. But both NEKROFILTH and CIANIDE aren’t into that. Nor that they care, mind you. Both acts have always been doing things their way without giving a flying fuck about what the others would make of it. Then again, with what is the first batch of fresh meat (sort of) CIANIDE have delivered since 2011’s ‘Gods of Death’ album, rest assured they haven’t lost touch with their roots. As a matter of fact, one of the two tracks (recorded during a two days recording session last February) here was written as far back as 1988 (“Restitution”) but never properly recorded – until now. And just like their NEKROFILTH mates, they’ve decided to cover a punk rock anthem, “Take That to the Bank” from stinky Kansas rockers COCKNOOSE, one minute and a half of pure ‘fuck you!’ attitude.
Longtime DOOMENTIA collaborators NEKROFILTH aren’t ones to be distanced here though with one, as pissed off sounding new exclusive track and a blitzkrieg-like take on “It’s Over” by legendary early 80’s DISCORD / DSI RECORDS’ weirdos UNITED MUTATION… Fuck off!!!

Released by Doomentia

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