FORWARD – Devil‘s Cradle / What‘s the Meaning of Love EP


hardcore / punk

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Forward’s ripping return, from the devil’s cradle, to the devil’s cradle. As you know, this band comprises members of Death Side, Insane Youth, and Systematic Death, among others. After many releases, this one is Forward’s most powerful in years. It has one new track and a new version of What’s the Meaning of Love?” with crucial crooning by Ishiya. The chorus to the A side says it all: “crying laughing raging put to sleep.” (That’ll be your reaction after you see the record’s sleeve, drop the needle, pop some pills, and slam around the room.) But seriously, folks, this is the best Forward record since the “While You Alive” 12″, one of the absolute classics of the late 90s Tokyo hardcore scene. Essential. -description by Stuart Schrader

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