FORCLOSE – Fear Of Bombs 7″EP flexi


d-beat / noise punk

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New Jersey band Forclose’s 3-song Fear of Bombs EP was “played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Seanie Underage”, which makes it a solo project from fruition to completion. Like Disease and SZKŁO above, Forclose exhibit plenty of piercing Kawakami worship as d-beat and raw punk collide at top speed. Rough-hewn instruments and desperately howling vocals roil and boil in Fear of Bombs’ grotesque-sounding songs. Think bleeding-raw cathartic noise for hope-hemorrhaging times.

-In Crust We Trust, volume 16

Disclose worship at its finest! Forclose come from Passaic, New Jersey, United States and Fear of Bombs is the 1st recording. Seems its a one man band, since this guy Seanie Underage played, recorded, mixed and mastered the songs. Fear of Bombs is a 3 track EP, and delivers a perfect Disclose imitation in both music and singing: Totally distorted raw punk and shouts reminding of Kawakami. This is amazing! I highly recommend this to Disclose fans and wish for more from Seanie.

-Crust Demos April 14, 2020
released July 2, 2020

Played, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Seanie Underage in New Jersey in April and May of 2020. Noise not Music covered with permission from NO FUCKER. THANX to NO FUCKER!

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