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(limited to 300 copies on yellow wax)

For a band with only one six songs demo (officially released later on tape format) under their belts, EXPANDER have already made waves far beyond their native Austin. Whereas NO CLEAN SINGING describes their music as “mixing metal heft and punk rhythms, scalding vocal acid and gritty yells”. And the best part with those four misfits is that instead of the mix of attitude, grit and lo-fi musicianship one had to come to expect from this kind of crossover, the listener is immediately assaulted by a barrage of sound that is neither sloppy nor hastily put together.

Their debut EP was recorded by no less than Kurt Ballou from the almighty CONVERGE in his studio in Boston in September 2015, graced with dystopian artwork courtesy of Raul Gonzalez who’s worked with MORBUS CHRON and HORRENDOUS before. In those two songs, you can no only hear punk, thrash, D-beat and even hardcore but a four rabid dogs, ready to tear you from limb to limb with ferocious precision without loosing a drop of their raw energy. In-your-face and highly addictive, those first ‘official’ seven minutes will leave you breathless, waiting for more… and this is just the beginning!

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