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written by Phuling [My Last Chapter, English]
I while ago I received a promo consisting of a couple of songs from some upcoming releases by Eskatologia, and as far as I remembered I thought they were decent, but I had in all honesty forgotten what they really sounded like. I guess it didn’t hit the spot enough for me to completely take to heart. So upon the first listen to Början på slutet I was actually quite shocked, seeing as how I absolutely loved it.
I had heard Empty eyes on the previously mentioned promo, and I’d say it’s definitely the weakest song of the bunch here; a bit too slow and melodic, which makes the angst come off a bit too in your face. But the opener Efterkrigstider on the other hand is a real rager. A fairly fast drum tempo keeps it quite aggressive, a wicked guitar lead adds a great melody, and with the harsh vocals adding brutality you’ve got yourself a winner. I like the rhythm of the main vocals, he screams in a semi-slow manner and with a relatively deep voice. It gives the tunes a brutal touch, which balance out the melody of the riffing very well, keeping it from getting too bloody melodic. Side B carries on in the same tradition as Efterkrigstider, meaning fast paced, aggressive, adrenaline-inducing, melodic rage. Gatuvåld is probably the most aggressive track, much thanks to the interaction between four different vocalists, as the continuous switch in between vocals adds quite a bit of adrenaline.
They’ve got a knack for slick leads, and although the song structures might not be anything mind-blowing the end-result still winds up killer. While I suppose the style of melodic crust was made popular by American bands (From Ashes Rise, Tragedy etc) Eskatologia still sounds very Swedish in a way. I can’t help but think of Kontrovers and such for comparison, but with slightly more melody and a bigger chunk of metal. And if that’s your thing I can definitely recommend picking up a copy of Början på slutet.

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