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This is a kind of follow up to the previous post: Discharge started the D-Beat flood and Discard started the Dis-mania in Swedish punk scene. The following text is taken from Stockholms Mangel” re-issue 2XLP and blatantly copied/pasted fromDistort Truth, Distort Minds blog (Daniel, thanks in advance):
“DISCARD was never a real band in it’s original form. They never rehearsed, recorded only twice and played only one gig. At the first recording session Per,(who also played in AGONIPROTES BENGT THE FILTHY CHRISTIANS), laid all solos without really being able to play the guitar and only one track from that session made it to the band’s ep ‘death from above’. The band later reformed with only Per left from the original line-up, and with the DISCHARGE references toned down. DISCARD took the DISCHARGE cloning even further then they did with MOB 47, even piecing together their band logo. This was way before the whole invasion of dis-bands and an early attest to Sweden’s dis-mania. DISCARD’s songs had the same structure as DISCHARGE’s and dealt with the same lyrical subjects, but some of their songs were way too fast to be confused with the English icons.”
Death from Above came out in 1990 bringing six pages from the early days chapter of Discharge’s book of D-Beat (and yeah! there are some guitar solos popping up here and there). There were three pressings, “First press by Jesus Kudd (960 black and 40 green), second press by Finn Rec (probably 1000 copies)”, third was the bootleg version of Rödel Records
The Rödel version was posted in summer of ’07, here is the Jesus Kudd press in fresh new rip, actually i don’t know if this is a Jesus Kudd or Finn Records press since ” first and second press look in exactly the same way (same cover sleeve, no Finn Rec logo etc)”.
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