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The debut album which should be this release was cancelled by the band after recording. We thought that at least some of the songs deserve to be released, so here it is….. the debut 7 of this band from Karlsruhe/Straßbourg. I don’t want to do the name-dropping thing now, you know, ex-and-current-this-and-that… this is some fast hardcore, with lots of grind parts and somehow it reminds me of a more grinding HIS HERO IS GONE (just to give you an idea of what you could expect). So here’s some really fast and heavy stuff!
This is the their first release, available on 7″ vinyl format only, co-released by Kink Records and Meta Matter Records.
The band had a pressing of 100 copies on their april 2014 tour. Now there’s a second press in a proper amount (circa 500 copies)

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