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As the needle drops on the BLOODY PHOENIX side, I sit back with the record insert and let the magic unfold. The cover isn’t misleading at all and lends greatly to the lyrics, which are carried like a patched up casket filled with humanities hopes and dreams into a pit of despair. I swear that just reading the lyrics makes me physically heavy like I’m being filled with 1,000 pound granules of sand made of dread. Just to be clear, I love these folks. Their ability to delivery this sort of emotion through music without giving in to cliché is a thing of absolute beauty. The music is heavy crust/grind/D-beat that at times reminds me of DOOM and ENT. Killer! QUESTION has a slightly different approach to punk. This is the first material of theirs that I’ve actually owned and from what I can see they haven’t released much material, but I can only imagine that they put on one hell of a live show. They just go at it fast and loud letting it all hang out. At times it sounds like Amy from NAUSEA singing for an early ‘90s East Bay outfit with the rage of a band that lives in an area with harsh Winters. Anger, high energy, piss, vinegar. I’m all about this split. (Jake)

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