BAHRATAL – Legie ubožáků 7″EP


black metal / punk

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Two slabs of filthy punk metal from the stinkiest gutters in Prague, thats new ep from Bahratal. Recorded by the line up of Plenitel, Kobra, Achnaton, Krvák a Büchar, this is two song legacy of the original line up. Recorded in summer 2020. Krvák and Büchar were thrown into acid bath soon after due to bringing too much nu-metal influences into the bands sound. They were replaced by Sexekutor and Pranýř. New line up can be spotted at the locations below. This 7” is released in edition of 250 copies.

Bahratal shares members with bands such as Tábor, Vole, Dingo, V0NT, Sněť or Plešatá zpěvačka.

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