ANATOMIA / NECROVOROUS split EP (Extremely Rotten Version)


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If you are a fan of all things putrid and stinky, ANATOMIA should need no introduction. Born out of the ashes of TRANSGRESSOR and NECROPHILE and regarded as Japan’s answer to the mighty AUTOPSY, for the last decade or so, this trio has done their best staying away from any modern or too melodic influences in order their death-metal pure and primitive. A longtime supporter of the true underground, they regard low-key releases or splits as equally important as their full-length and this new piece of wax is no exception. To put it simply, if you are perverted enough to have enjoy the extremity and utter foulness of their latest full-length (2012’s ‘Decaying in Obscurity’), get ready to once again jump in a cesspool of infamy and excrements with the aptly-titled “Desolation”. A six minutes plus dirty and rampant that will make you to desecrate your next kin…

NECROVOROUS may play a different ballgame but one could say that at the end of the day, this is all death fuckin’ metal. And indeed, although they have formed ‘only’ in 2005, this Greek lot have amassed quite an extensive back catalogue already and have found their own way on the left hand path. Then again, with members who have already served (or still are) in CHTONIC AURA, REURGENCY, EMBRACE OF THORNS or INVERACITY, they could hardly have gone wrong. And indeed, originally included on their two songs ‘Promo 2013’ released earlier this year on tape through NUCLEAR WINTER RECORDS, “Eternal Soulmates” just proves how much they’ve progressed and how tortuous and far more lethal their brand of death metal has become.

Oh and this perspective of seeing two of the current ‘real’ DM scene joining forces wasn’t enough, to make this split EP even more special, your faithful DOOMENTIA has decided to come up with two different yet as vile cover artworks for it, one designed by Putrid and another one (the ‘extremely Rotten’ version) by David from UNDERGANG. Each one being limited to 250 copies of course. So let’s rot! 

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