ALERTA / AMENACA split flexi EP


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New split of this 2 HARDCORE PUNK bands from Barcelona. Alerta! still active and after their debut demo tape self released and repressed by discos enfermos and their debut 7 on discos enfermos / trabuc records last year they come back with 2 new songs of their 80s fueled punk hardcore in the vein of the first spanish bands like SUBTERRANEAN KIDS, GRB, L’ODI SOCIAL,… mixed with Italian 80s hardcore like indigesti, eus’arse,… 1 more mid tempo and another fast one. Amenaça comes with 2 unreleased tracks from the same recording session of their last 7″ released on discos enfermos. Same recording, same sound, same way of 80s hardcore sounding like L’ODI SOCIAL also mixed with 80s italian hardcore. 2 same ways to understand de hardcorepunk together in a friend project. This is one side flexi and 4 songs come in the same side. Include insert with lyrics and amazing cover art 100% handmade by Diek. 250 pressed on red and 250 pressed on black.


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