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2 new tracks of hardcore fucking punk offered up by both bands on this great split release. A//E deliver 2 of there newest songs yet again stepping out of the boundries but still great and spewed out in full force. A bit more straight forward and unique then their previous releases. A//E has been around for 8 years and also have released an LP, 7, split 7″ with HOLOKAUST and a split LP/CD with ISKRA. On the other side, you have here one of the most active bands in Sweden and are constantly touring Europe. AUKTION offers 2 tracks filled with high energy and catchy anthems, previously recorded but never released until now! AUKTION is a dedicated group of young punks with a good catalog of released and upcoming material, one of which released previously by RUST AND MACHINE as a split with Spain’s BLACK PANDA. limited to 1000 copies. Includes an 11×18″ poster.

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