ABSURDO – Tots Sants EP


hardcore / punk

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Debut EP from this Barcelona band who had a pretty cool demo a couple of years ago. Paco at La Vida Es Un Mus described this as Teen Idles meets Anti-Dogmatikks,” which I think pretty much sums it up perfectly. Absurdo have the straightforward, almost naive sound of the former fused with the wild, raw energy of the latter (this quality also recalling early Italian HC). Basically, it’s the best of both worlds… wild, frenetic hardcore with little catchy parts that stick to your ribs. Fans of Wretched, Void, and similarly warped-but-catchy HC take note. Oh, and for those of you with an enlightened appreciation of the physical object, these come with absolutely stunning screen-printed jackets. Discos Absurds



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