APPÄRATUS – Law Of Ratts… Supersonik!!! CASS


d-beat / raw punk

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Current veteran RAW Mangel ~ KANG group from Southeast Asia · Malaysia, the latest work planned to be released SPLIT LP w. SVART UT (Rawmantic Disaster Release!) Recorded bonus tracks on 4 songs Pro bonus tracks with 6 songs in 2018! 
ANTI-CIMEX which emphasized D-BEAT pretty much though it is the latest song to be worried, but it has not changed as before But it can be said that it is close to Canada’s ABSOLUT with finish as it is now. 
Bonus tracks are not yet on LP scheduled for release! And that’s it, so do not miss it!

Track List: 
01. State Of Degradation 
02. Vaaristyma 
03. Victims Of A Bombraid (Anti-Cimex) 
04. Maia Rising! 
05. Klass Konflikt 
06. Take A Look At Tomorrow (Discard)

List: DBR-049 
Format: Tape 
Released: 2018

Pro manufactured cassette that come with pro-printed j-card. 
Housed with nice thick Outerslip.

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