WARVICTIMS – 4 Track EP (zlatý obal)


d-beat / crust

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4 killer blasts of hardcore punk from Sweden’s D-Beat masters WARVICTIMS.

The 2 tracks on side A are unreleased recordings from the session that took place for their split 12 with FLYBLOWN and are both absolute stormers that match up against anything from that release.

2 brand new recordings on side B; including a remixed version of ‘Smittbararna’ (mastered by Yeap of KROMOSOM) and the best DISCLOSE cover you’re ever likely to hear. 
In my opinion, it surpasses the original!

300 total pressing, with silk screened double sided covers and sticker, 150 printed in red and 150 printed in gold.

Each look stunning so take your pick or go nuts and choose both!



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