V/A WIZARDS OF GORE – Tribute to Impetigo 2xLP


gore / grind

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A1 Murder Corporation (2) Boneyard  
A2 Blood Duster Dis-Organ-Ized  
A3 Mortician Cannibal Lust  
A4 Machetazo Mortado  
A5 Impaled I Work For The Streetcleaner  
B1 Sanitys Dawn Heart Of Illinois  
B2 Haemorrhage Staph Terrorist  
B3 Deepred Trap Them And Kill Them  
B4 Vampiric Motives Sinister Urge  
B5 Exhumed Cannibal Apocalypse  
B6 Vastion Harbinger Of Death  
B7 Repugnance Zombie  
B8 Cock And Ball Torture Red Wigglers  
C1 Lymphatic Phlegm My Lai  
C2 Blood (5) Wizard Of Gore  
C3 Engorged Dear Uncle Creepy  
C4 Intense Hammer Rage Defiling The Grave  
C5 Wadge Venereal Warts / The Belch  
C6 Last Days Of Humanity Revenge Of The Scabby Man  
C7 Morgue (2) My Lai  
C8 Ingrowing Bitch Death Teenage Mucous Monster From Hell  
D1 Deceased Dis-Organ-Ized  
D2 Gore Beyond Necropsy Jane Fonda Sucks  
D3 Morbid Savouring Intense Mortification  
D4 Lividity Bloody Pit Of Horror  
D5 C.S.S.O. Cannibal Ballet  
D6 Demisor My Lai  
D7 Lord Gore Breakfast At The Manchester Morgue

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