V/A WHISPERS! compilation 2xLP+ 7″EP


comp. 2xLP + 7″EP

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A1 Hellkrusher Ethnic Cleansing
A2 Naytia* Worldwide Dictatorship
A3 Luzifers Mob Quadratisch
A4 Luzifers Mob Langeweile
A5 Luzifers Mob Lauwarm
A6 Angst (4) 90 Åra
A7 Anarcrust Make Up
A8 One By One Heroes
A9 Fleas & Lice* Deutschland
A10 Hiatus (2) God, Power & Submission
A11 Sedition TV Sickness
A12 Brawl Murder
B1 Graue Zellen Sage Nie
B2 Disaffect Home Of The Slave
B3 Misery (4) Total Destruction
B4 Misery (4) Blindead
B5 Healthhazard* Not Just A Nightmare
B6 Hellbastard They Brought Death
B7 ABC Diabolo Their Choice For You
B8 Corpus Vile Inhuman Genocide
B9 World Chaos Up Yours
C1 Zygote (3) Man In The Crowd
C2 Dystopia (3) Cosmetic Plague
C3 Accion Mutante Sellout
C4 Just Kidding (2) Brandmal
C5 Viktors Hofnarren No Macho Dancing
C6 Bad Influence (3) Destiny
C7 Unhinged We Will Laugh Best
C8 Neuthrone Miss Model Dead
C9 Jobby Krust* Terminal Ambition
D1 Doom (2) Trash Breeds Trash
D2 Slimy Venereal Diseases Blinded By Pain
D3 Bleeding Rectum Sectarian Life
D4 Acid Rain Dance Schreiende Leiber
D5 Dread Messiah Gutted
D6 D.I.R.T.* Tribal Dreams
D7 Extinction Of Mankind Slow Death
D8 Guts Pie Earshot Briefe
D9 Masskontroll Recycle Or Die
E1 Warcollapse It’s Time To See
E2 World Chaos TV Idiot
F Counterblast The European Empire Of Capitalism

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