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The opening intro consists of distant church bells and thunder, taking its time to set a certain mood. Then after a minute and a half they hit us with raw and crisp guitars and launch an assault of brutal mid-paced crustcore. The vocals are those of a grunting beast while the guitars are sharper, penetrating the otherwise solid wall of dark rumbling this band puts forth on these four tracks. Tomorrow’s Hell mix Warcollapse-styled crust with metallic riffs and a 90’s käng-beat that appears when they up the speed. Sometimes the piercing leads can take over and drown out the otherwise killer guitar sound, while they at other times lifts the production when they’re slightly more subtle and incorporated in the sound instead of placed on top. I guess the vocals could be brought forth some more as well.
I like Tomorrow’s Hell, but I don’t think I’d fully appreciate an LP until they’ve developed their sound some more as already on these four tracks it can be a bit stale and repetitive and too much routine in the song structures. Still, they’ve got a good Swedish influenced crust/d-beat thing going, but some more groove in the crust and more rage in the käng on their next output wouldn’t hurt their chances of remaining in memory for a longer period of time. [Krogh – July 22, 2009]

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