PR 041 MARDRÖM – Deras profit, varan död EP


500 pressed
30 pcs limited edition – special cover, button, backpatch, hand-numbered
in cooperation with Emergency Records

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The second 7 from this Swedish band that does everything in its power to stand out and be innovative… not. Mardröm have the speed and sound of Mob 47 and borrow and steal riffs and ideas from pretty much all the classic hardcore bands which they mix in with their own ideas/riffs and rearrange to make this ten track 7″ a råpunk explosion. Play fast, scream your guts out, and make sure there are no dead seconds and no fillers – these are the guidelines this lot use when they write their material.
The people that complain that bands of today only sound like copies of the bands of yesterday probably shouldn’t pick this up, but the rest of us that (whilst we might agree) don’t have a problem with this appreciate the rage and the fury. Just make sure you don’t start to sing the vocals to some old Cimex or Skitslickers or… song as you listen to this as it’s easy to get confused. [Krogh – June 17, 2008]

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