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Seven tracks of nihilism, some of the sharpest and jagged melodic metalriffing that brings about thoughts of melodic and hardcore infusedcurrent acts like: High On Fire, Resistant Culture, Black Tusk, Sanctumand Kylesa; and the classic sounds of: Doom, Deviated Instinct,Anti-Cimex, Discharge and company. This stuff just reeks of circle pitsand chaos, it’s as much classic FU hardcore as it is Grind/Death/Thrashmetal. For intense riff-a-holics like myself, fed up with the Idiocracyalso known as the human race, this is the anger management program thatyour surrounding companions have been pleading with you to get involvedin. In this tumultuous album you get to throw your blows, screamobscenities at the top of your lungs, and destroy things without everhaving to be held legally accountable for your actions. Rebels rejoiceand Fucking make some noise!


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A 7 track d-beat attack from the woods of northern Sweden.
Metalcrust; heavy as fuck!
Imagine Sacrilege in a knife fight with Consume.

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