ISTERISMO – Tokyo Crusties LP


noise punk d-beat

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Discography LP. 
Tracks A1 to A8 originally relased as the ‘Non Puo Sopprimere Il Mio Conflitto’ 7″ EP in 2008. 
Track A9 originally released on V.A. ‘Deny The Report 5’ CD in 2008. 
Tracks A10 to A12 originally released on V.A. ‘Yotsuva’ 12″ EP in 2009. 
Tracks A13 to A16 orignally released on V.A. ‘Hardcore Inferno’ LP in 2010. 

Tracks B1 to B5 originally released as their first demo tape in 2005. 
Tracks B6 to B11 originally released as a split tape with Terror in 2005. 
Tracks B12 to B19 originally released as the ‘Live In Holocaust’ tape in 2009. 

Printed lyric insert included. 
Subtitle from sticker on front cover: “Cosa Che Noi Immagine É Un Puro Impulso E Caos Tutte Le Ragioni Divenute Insignificante”.

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