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We know what you’re going to say: after five splits, one EP and one compilation, it’s business as usual in between HOODED MENACE and their favourite partner in crime DOOMENTIA right? Yep, another split, another limited edition and another proof that their Finns still make the ugliest (therefore best!) doom/death around… Except that “Celestial Dissection” doesn’t just reassess the band as one of the finest purveyors of the genre, it also marks the first time that a HM recording features the vocals of their last recruit, HORSE LATITUDES’ Harri Kuokkanen who joined the band in 2016: “yes, it´s the first recording with our new vocalist Harri” confirms their mainman Lasse Pyykkö. “The song has definitely Hooded Menace written all over it, but with Harri´s powerful and passionate vocals there´s a new edge in the sound. The track was nearly completely recorded by ourselves at our rehearsal room, and I did all the mixing with some help from our guitarist Teemu. So we´re are pretty proud of it in that sense too!”
This time their partner in crime are Algoma from Canada who contribute with the 7 minutes plus dirge “Failed Stunt” for their second split of the year, after one with CHRONOBOT on DEAD BEAT MEDIA. Their bass player and vocalist Kevin Campbell has been a friend of Pyykkö since the “very early days of Hooded Menace. So this split is a great opportunity to sort of celebrate our friendship, but most importantly it´s a release between two bands with the sound of their own weltering in all things heavy, doomy, deathly and sludgy.” So there you go: two heavy-as-fuck bands, two even heavier tracks and another fine split by yours truly, DOOMENTIA RECORDS of course! 

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