CONTORTURE – Who´s In Charge LP


d-beat / crust

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Contorture ask Who’s in charge and rightly so! Who is really in charge in our society? Who makes the decisions, who leads us through everyday life? Do you own your own life? Do we together decide the outcome of our own strives for a better world, or do someone else make the decisions over our heads? 
Are we as humans restrained in leashes, but made believe to be able to do our own choices in life? 

Through sixteen new songs, Contorture gives us their noise/crustcore once again; recognizable only on their own prior Demo from 2010. If one would compare the sound to some other band I would say early Martyrdöd and Besk.


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# Crust/hardcore/noisecore deriving from Gothenburg, Sweden. 
# Brutal shit in the vein of Besk, Martyrdöd and the likes. 
# Sixteen tracks of raw mayhem! Distorted and noisy, just as it was meant to be.

written by Krogh [Blindead Productions 2013 – newsletter #3, English]
This four piece political crusty d-beat unit out of Gothenburg delivers their debut vinyl release with this 12″ in full force and brutal anger. With their roots in the DIY movement and members with years of involvement in different creative outfits such as Vicious Irene and Agrimonia they now forge together in this band. A band and record loaded with inspiration and frustration.

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