AMEBIX – Who´s The Enemy EP


Spiderleg Records (1982)

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Back to the days when the term crust was still unknown and the Band With No Name was changing name and releasing as Amebix a piece of bad played metal in raw sound production. There are influences of Killing Joke, UK Decay and Motorhead’s punk side here and there, black and white cover artwork. Music wise, lyrically and aesthetically there is a poetic nightmare for a post nuclear winter life in a scarred barren earth and the upcoming hour of extinction of humanity . An apocalyptic picture that was reproduced for thousands of times from all these crust bands that worship the legends who started crust genre back in UK
Who’s the enemy was originally set as a 2 song 7″(see here). Released on Spiderleg, August 28, 1982., it was followed by “Winter” 7″,another milestone in the history of Crust and “No Sanctuary” 12″ ep,both on Spiderleg. “Arise” and Monolith lp’s completed the legend and led Amebix to the book of golden age of UK metallic crust along with Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct and other mythical acts…After a while, countless hordes of filthy crusties were starting to repeat the agony and despair that Amebix first created ever”

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